An Intellectual Property Firm
Adastra Valuation & Advisory is dedicated to provide a personalised suite of services relating to the strategic and transactional aspects of Intellectual Property rights. We engage with various companies and businesses ranging from Multinationals, listed companies to SMEs and research institutions and government agencies across a spectrum of industries and subject matters.

About Us

What makes us different?

With a solid track record and experience since 2004, Adastra has evolved beyond Intellectual Property rights protection to become a holistic service provider capable in assisting our clients with their most valuable asset – Intangible Assets.
A cross functional team of finance, investment, technical and legal experts seeks to provide insights and workable solutions to our clients in creating value and unlocking potential of their intangibles and IP assets.
Our key personnel and firm have won awards, recognitions and certifications in their respective line of expertise.

Our Services

Assessment and valuation of IP and intangible assets.
Identify and map out IP and intangible assets.
Advisory relating to structuring of IP ownership for strategic business purposes.
Due diligence of IP and intangible assets for acquisition and assignment purposes.
Advisory relating to managing IP risk such as advice and opinion on risk of infringement and freedom to operate.

IP Valuation Software

IP software solutions available here in Malaysia with Adastra as the exclusive partner.
IP software